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Play for Success

The primary focus of childhood is development – physical, social, cognitive and emotional – and we use "play"-like activities to help children in this process.


"Silke's tips were extremely helpful and we saw progress within a week!"
~ C.B.

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What are Visual Supports?

Visual supports are tools that are used to increase the understanding of language, environmental expectations, and to provide structure and support for individuals (often with autism spectrum disorders) to facilitate understanding by remaining static or fixed in the individual's environment. They can support verbal language, be in place of written language, or function as a reminder to communicate expectations, help with sequencing and task completion and increase an understanding of language.

Why use Visual Supports?

Individuals who have stronger visual skills than auditory skills will benefit from visual supports to process, organize, remember, and respond to information thereby allowing the individual to more easily participate in the communicative process. Visual supports allow important information to remain accessible in the individual's environment, which greatly reduces the stress levels and inappropriate behaviors that individuals may exhibit when they cannot effectively communicate or when they do not understand the expectations of the environment.

Why use OTchildren to create your Visual Supports?

vslThrough experience and task analysis we can pinpoint the area of difficulty and customize visual supports to the child's comprehension level and problem. We not only make the necessary supports but also provide instructions on how to incorporate them across environments.

We design visual supports to communicate choices, organize daily schedules, give directions, explain rules or expectations, aide in transition, or provide appropriate actions. They can range from very simple picture symbols, objects and photographs to complex social stories with embedded pictures and are custom-made by us.