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Play for Success

The primary focus of childhood is development – physical, social, cognitive and emotional – and we use "play"-like activities to help children in this process.


Silke helped me and after the first therapy you could see the difference -- she has miracle hands!
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TL1Therapeutic Listening (TL) is an expansion of Sensory Integration Therapy. It is an auditory intervention that uses the organized sound patterns inherent in music to impact all levels of the nervous system.

Auditory information from Therapeutic Listening CDs provides direct input to both the vestibular and the auditory portions of the vestibular-cochlear continuum. The emphasis of TL is on blending sound intervention strategies with vestibulo-proprioceptive, core development, and breath activities so as to sustain grounding and centering of the body and mind in space and time. Providing these postural, movement, and respiratory activities as part of the TL program is critical. The music on Therapeutic Listening CDs is electronically altered to elicit the orienting response, which sets up the body for sustained attention and active listening.

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What does Therapeutic Listening address?

By providing precise input simultaneously to both ends of the vestibular-cochlear continuum, Therapeutic Listening can have a positive impact on sensory function and on the nervous system as a whole. As listening skills improve, not only is an individual better able to negotiate interaction with others through an enhanced ability to hear and understand speech sounds, but is also better able to orient and attend to salient sensory information and regulate their physiological state. Having a solid foundation in these important skills frees up valuable cortical resources for connection, engagement, communication, new learning, and other higher level skills.

Why use OTchildren for Therapeutic Listening?

TL3Silke is certified and will evaluate your child's specific needs to design an individualized program. We are able to loan you the designated equipment required and generate sensori-motor activities that fit into you and your child's life. This program is administered at home and runs in two blocks, the first one being 4 weeks, then a break, followed by another 4-8 weeks in the second block. Weekly meetings are used to discuss progress and issue a new CD for the coming week.

Parents who have completed Therapeutic Listening successfully with their child note that their child demonstrates better core stability, significantly decreased tantrums with transitions and increased interaction and communication with others. All agree that the specific outcomes are difficult to quantify but the quality of life for the family significantly improved.