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Desire to SUCCEED

Each child has an intrinsic motivation to explore their environment, and through careful guidance we strive to instill a passion for learning and relating.


We do not have enough words to express our thanks for all the work you have done with O. in the past year.
~ O.W. 

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What are Fine Motor Skills?

fms1Fine Motor Skills are how we use our hands and fingers together for detailed work. In order to develop more complex fine motor skills a child needs strong foundational skills, such as proximal stability at the shoulder girdle, crossing over midline and sustaining visual attention to tasks the hands are engaged in. Grasp Patterns affect how a child cuts and holds writing and coloring utensils, how much pressure is applied and learning how to write.

What is Handwriting?

Handwriting is made up of several components in addition to fine motor skills, such as visual-motor skills, visual memory and matching a sound to a picture (the phonetic sound of the letter). When a child is struggling with handwriting (also called dysgraphia) it is important to analyze what component of handwriting is affected in order to target that area first. For handwriting remediation it is best to approach learning through multiple senses.

Why use OTchildren to improve Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting?

finemotorAn experienced Occupational Therapist will first analyze each component of an activity to determine the underlying problem and determine the optimal treatment approach. In OT often looks like 'playing' without the child being aware that he/she is actively engaged in therapeutic activities targeting their area of weakness.

We will suggest activities to you and your child that appear to be part of everyday life yet work on improving specific fine motor or handwriting skills.

We individualize the program to your child's needs rather than going through a pre-determined program or repetitive activities in a workbook. At OTchildren we have years of experience with dysgraphia and how it can affect your child's school performance and sense of self-worth.