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Desire to SUCCEED

Each child has an intrinsic motivation to explore their environment, and through careful guidance we strive to instill a passion for learning and relating.


We do not have enough words to express our thanks for all the work you have done with O. in the past year.
~ O.W. 

What is Early Intervention? PDF Print E-mail

baby1Any therapy for children between birth and the age of three for developmental delays or a medically diagnosed disability is called Early Intervention. This is a critical time in a child's development as neurological pathways are formed and the foundational skills for all future learning develop, therefore therapy focuses on a child's deficits and delays in the six areas of development.

The state funded program for Early Intervention is administered by Regional Centers, however children have to qualify under stringent guidelines. Therefore many parents elect to have additional supports and services provided by an experienced therapist.

What causes developmental delays?

A delay in development during the early childhood years can be caused by medical conditions, prematurity, and/or environmental factors. Whereas the exact reason may not always be known it is important to follow the developmental sequence for building skills to avoid missing links in neurological pathways.

How do we address Early Intervention at OT Children?

baby3We believe that it is not just important to reach the next milestone but to look at the 'quality of movement' as that determines all future learning of motor patterns. Children often compensate for weakness with 'fixing patterns', which impact fine-tuning for balance and bilateral integration (e.g. on playground equipment, scooter, jumper). Parent education is a major focus to incorporate motor learning in everyday activities, engage the 'whole' child and develop an inner drive to move and learn.

We customize the program to fit you and your child, sometimes it just takes a few sessions to be on the way or get your child to be comfortable on his/her tummy!