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Parents Participate

Parent participation and/or caregiver training is a key component for success. Each program is designed to fit into a family's lifestyle and to enhance the relationship between child and parents.


  • Assessments
  • Ongoing Therapy
  • Parent Presentations
  • Consultations
  • Staff Training
What is Occupational Therapy? PDF Print E-mail

Pediatric Occupational therapy is dedicated to helping children develop all the abilities they need for the many "jobs" of childhood (occupations), including play, self-care, and school performance. Occupational therapy includes intervention aimed at the acquisition of specific skills, enhancing foundational abilities, as well as the development of compensatory strategies and environmental accommodations needed to ensure meaningful and successful participation in life.

Therapy is designed to seem like "play" to the children, yet the therapist draws upon extensive training in specialty areas to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities.