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We do not have enough words to express our thanks for all the work you have done with O. in the past year.
~ O.W. 

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Promoting Success through Meaningful Engagement

Children make the greatest progress through activities that provide the right mix of challenge and success. OTchildren comes to your home, utilizing a variety of familiar activities as stepping stones towards more complex tasks. By embedding these therapeutic activities in your daily routine, your child will have fun, stay motivated and take pride in the increasing independence.

Maximizing Individual Potential

Each child has a unique set of strength on which we build to maximize individual potential Not all challenges can be overcome, in which case we assist you with creating appropriate modifications to increase your child’s participation, facilitate engagement and  interactions.

Discovering Unique Learning Profiles

Many foundational skills are necessary for a child’s development. The level of mastery of each creates a child’s unique learning profile, from which we design interventions. Many clients that come to us have attempt–ed multiple assessments and/or therapies but without success as they have not looked at skill development as interdependent and targeted it accordingly.