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"Our son has worked with many different therapies, but Silke is the first therapist who actually talked to us and engaged us in the therapy. She's an inspiration for the parents as much as she is so helpful for the kids!"
~ B.W.


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At OTchildren we specialize in the care and treatment of Children from Birth to 21 years of age. The primary focus of childhood is development, physical, social, cognitive and emotional, and we use "Play" to help children in this developmental process.

By sharing our expertise we contribute to each child's ability to participate meaningfully and to their best ability in all aspects of life, may it be through improved ability to move about the environment, manipulate and explore objects, learn to understand an activity through non-verbal supports, adapting tasks and activities and, last but not least, participating in social activities of daily life, such as eating.

We believe that parent and/or caregiver training is a crucial component for success and that each program needs to fit into a family's life style.

We believe that each child needs to discover their own drive and passion to keep on learning and trying and, through careful guidance we can teach each child this lifelong desire to learn.

Our Services

  • Assessment Services: We offer full assessment services for Occupational Therapy. An assessment may be general or problem-specific and will be performed by a credentialed and licensed Occupational Therapist with specific expertise in your area of need.
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Parent presentations
  • Consultations
  • Staff training

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classOTchildren was founded in 2002 by Silke Hamilton, an Occupational Therapist with specialized training and advanced certifications in feeding/swallowing therapy and Assistive Technology. She was trained in Germany and has practiced OT in the United States for 15 years. Through the experience of her own child receiving therapy she found her niche in Pediatrics and has worked in NICU, Early Intervention, Specialty Clinic and School District Settings after building a foundation in Neurology.

Through this site several other Occupational Therapy Specialists are accessible, each with 6 or more years of experience and at least one specialty certification, such as Sensory Integration. Our Autism Specialist is considered an expert in the field with more than 20 years of experience and is also a parent of an autistic teenager. Each of us is nationally certified and state licensed, holding at least one specialty credential with additional training in that chosen field. We pair our professional expertise with personal experiences to make recommendations that match your and your child's needs. Our business is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

We do not accept assignment of benefits from medical insurance, or provide third party billing. However, on request and with a physician's prescription, we can supply insurance-type statements to assist parents seeking reimbursement from their insurance companies. Please contact us for further information, appointments and rates.